Training and Skills Programme

MC Personnel are recruitment and training experts. Operating since 1998 we have been responsible for delivering training in person, on site and in more recent times, virtually for thousands of Workers and Employees. Previous Winners of the Medway Business Awards for “Best Training and Development Business”

We offer.

A number of our team are certified “Train the Trainers” which allows them to train not only external candidates but staff within the business to continue this work and development. This has allowed us to professionally grow our team and those who are able to deliver training in their specialised subject.

Our Managers and Recruiters have a huge amount of experience and knowledge in the employment sector. We are able to deliver precise, effective, engaging training in a way that leaves people feeling positive and motivated. Our Regional Manager heads up a professional team who are trained to deliver this on behalf of MC Personnel

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation are the leading recognized membership within the Industry.

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) is the professional body representing the interests of recruitment organisations.

Certified Train the Trainer – and Meet the Expert speaker. Please click here to view

MC Personnel are also proud to be part of the Women in Recruitment initiative. MC Personnel has a history of being owned and managed by women. Whilst we employ people from all genders and walks from life, we are particularly proud of our history and ongoing progress.

Women in Recruitment was formed to give all recruitment firms practical support in attracting, developing and retaining their female talent, as well as providing a tangible demonstration of a commitment to gender equality for clients and candidates. It gives individuals access to unique development tools, mentoring and networking opportunities designed to support successful and sustainable careers in recruitment. Their overall goal is simply, and inline with MC Personnel’s goals and business plans – to inform, advise and assist organisations in understanding the business opportunities associated with gender equality, and establish the recruitment profession as a brand of excellence in diversity and inclusion practices.

MC Personnel has over 20 years experience in creating and delivering training solutions to a wide variety of industries. These include Industrial, Commercial, Transportation and Events training.

Training Delivered – Examples

MC Personnel has over 20 years experience in creating and delivering training solutions to a wide variety of industries. These include Industrial, Commercial, Transportation and Events training.

These courses are delivered through a range of methods and programmes including face to face, online and virtual, telephone and learning materials.

Our packages can be tailor made to suit an individual business needs and requirements.

Most recently our programmes have been adapted to work with the Kickstart Scheme. As experienced recruiters who employ and deliver training to a number of Young people and Apprentices every year, the series of courses have been adapted to fit the Wrap around Employability support as required by the scheme. Even more recently we have adapted these methods of delivery to encompass on line e-learning which can be accessed at any time, from anywhere i.e. PC, Tablet, Mobile.

Using a specifically designed system to deliver bite size training, record the courses, time spent and log in time we are able to support, coach and encourage learners to get the best out of their training. The system allows for direct messaging, task and goal setting and advice to be exchanged between learner and trainer easily and simply. Videos and demos are available to aid visual learning with encouragement on the Young person to move at a speed that suits them as well as the Employer.

Our Solution and Approach

To deliver Kickstart Employability skills there is a requirement to evidence that your placements are being provided with support so they have the optimum opportunity to secure long term work once their 6-month placement has been completed.

MC Personnel are able to deliver a service which will ensure this is carried out efficiently, simply with maximum effect whilst evidencing job skills and job search capability by the end.

The level of support you require can be further discussed and agreed, MC Personnel are confident from the information already provided that we can deliver this as it is already being achieved on a continual and successful basis.

MC Personnel will enrol all placements on to an adapted, training portal system where they will receive a combination of virtual and in person training, much of which is bite sized to fit in comfortably around their work placement and to ensure they stay engaged and focused, all whilst developing their learning and skills. This includes:

  • Dynamic CV Creation
  • Employment advice incl eLearning in our Advice Centre
  • Employability learning plan specifically configured for Kickstart
  • Integrated Zoom meetings, one 2 one or group sessions
  • Activity managment, recording of time spent, pass marks etc.
  • Reporting tolls for both placement candidate and Employer
  • Communication tools, online messaging enability communication at all times
  • Job Seeker case management and Job search functionality
  • Aggregated job vacancies sourced from multiple job boards in a clear and simple way

As standard with our clients we agree a process of evaluation, generally this can be against agreed KPIs that we set together at the beginning of the project.  We then utilise our monitoring systems to record progress against these KPIs – this is done typically regularly say monthly or quarterly.

Alongside this, trainees will complete online assessments which when combined with the KPIs give an all round over view of the progress of the candidate and the contribution that they are then able to make.

They are also utilised to set goal objectives for the next period.  Some clients like a weighted score or a traffic light system.  We can develop, agree and measure anything that you require.  We can also use our 20+ years of experience to make suggestions on how to implement and achieve this to ensure the best return for your business.

An implementation Consultant will be responsible for making contact with you at your initial chosen time frame. Once enrolled on our Training programme they will be in contact regularly with one of our Internal training delivery team who will help them to enrol and navigate the course.

This team will also be responsible for providing you, the Employer, with monthly updates of your placements progress including reports of hours completed and results from online courses and questionnaires as well as in person or video courses delivered (one to one or group sessions).

MC Personnel believe in removing barriers and making sure people from all communities have a fair and equal opportunity to access all services. We ensure that everyone is treated in the appropriate way valuing people’s differences.

With this in mind our courses are also available in various formats if people need additional access needs or are unable to access on line platforms. We currently employ 2 members of staff who are bilingual, one of which is a translator for hospitals and GPs in her spare time.

Previous track record & delivery examples / references

  • MCP responsible for delivering Manual Handling & Basic Health & Hygiene training for over 2700 Workers since commencement.
  • MCP delivered Level 2 training for over 950 Workers since commencement.
  • Combination of on site group training, one to one training and more recently via online video delivery.
  • Providing KPIs reports weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually covering a range of indicators.
  • MCP responsible for delivering Manual Handling & Basic Health & Hygiene training for over 6500 Workers since commencement.
  • Site specific training delivered through briefing and one to one sessions. Scored against a multiple choice weighted questionnaire.
  • Providing KPIs reports electronically and in person.
  • 150 – 200 staff trained annually.
  • Events training for Waiting, Catering and Bar staff
  • Specifically designed training material available in paper form and electronically.
  • 80% of staff within these events were aged between 17-20 and had little or no work experience. Additional work place training delivered for this category of staff.
  • MCP undertook specific “Train the Trainer” and a 5 day Manual Handling course specifically for the Grays site.
  • On Site Coordinators 24/7 responsible for delivering a site specific written training programme.
  • Training translated into various languages to ensure full understanding from all Workers.
  • Number of production rejections significantly reduced by over 70% following one to one training with Workers on site.
  • Over 45 Employers currently utilising MC Personnel as their Gateway Organisation for the Kickstart Scheme.
  • 260 approved vacancies with 50 placements having commenced since 2021.
  • Kickstart specific training being delivered to Kickstart placements both internally and externally (placements at Employers) using our online platform and one to one delivery.
  • Over 35 “Graduates” from the hub since its commencement.
  • Recruitment specific training written and delivered by MC Personnel and experts within the Industry.
  • Training includes Introduction to Recruitment, Responsible recruiting, Code of Practice, Positive mindset and motivational skills and resources, Effective Time Management, Effective Sales techniques and delivery methods.
  • Use of the online platform to deliver bite size skills training and resources.
  • 3 year to present contract to provide full managed services for special needs children, vulnerable children and young people.
  • Specially trained and dedicated staff to deal with the Council contracts.


Our Trainers at MC Personnel have a range of expertise, qualifications and have undertaken extensive training themselves. Although they are Recruitment professionals a huge part of recruiting is training, coaching and mentoring both other members of staff and those who complete assignments. With this in mind MC Personnel invest heavily in training our staff to be able to deliver this training to others.

Some of their training and qualifications can be found below:

  • REC trained and qualified
  • A Fellow of the REC
  • Members of the REC individually and corporately
  • A Fellow of the CMI – Level 3 in First Line Management
  • Trained and qualified in the following
    • Building High Performance Teams
    • Dynamic Team Leadership
    • Focus on Performance
    • Nurturing Talent
    • Stepping into Management
    • NVQ Level 3 – Management
    • Train the Trainer
    • Certification in Recruitment Practice
    • BRC Health & Hygiene & Manual Handling trained
    • Employee Legislation & Code of Best Practice
  • Award winner for Training & Development
  • Community Interpreter

MC Personnel are an organisation who are experienced professionals both in recruitment and training. As part of every day the business trains and mentors hundreds of individuals in a wide variety of learning material.

Being one of the approved Kickstart Gateway Organisations we are heavily involved in the delivery of the scheme with both Employers and Young people.

“I can confidently state that MC are one of the best agencies I have dealt with. They never seem to worry about how many staff I order and 9.5 times out of 10 they supply the correct amount with one spare in case we have additional needs.Therefore I have no reservations about recommending MC to anyone and I wish them every success in the future”

Operations Manager, Refuse Company

“We feel the time is right to express our gratitude for the continual excellent service we have been receiving from your company. In this very demanding environment, MC Personnel have excelled beyond all expectations.

General Manager, Freight Distribution