Did you know that MC Personnel have an ALP membership?

That’s right! We’ve renewed our ALP membership for 2024 and we wanted to write a small blog post to let you know about it and a bit about what it means!

What does it mean for us?

Well, the ALP’s mission is for UK labour provision to be recognised as a model of global good practice – and we want to commit to that!

The ALP provides great advice, resources, and guidance for the recruitment industry on a regular and consistent basis. From webinars, to physical events, newsletters, handbooks and much more, the ALP is a huge helping hand to ensure we are always up to code on compliance and industry knowledge – which means our whole team and those who work with us benefit from our membership!

At MC Personnel, we are GLAA (Gangmaster’s & Labour Abuse Authority) licensed, and have had our ALP membership for years now, and we don’t plan for 2024 to be any different in that regard!

We’re looking forward to seeing all the new resources and information the ALP will provide this year and plan to continue to support their mission.

What is the ALP?

The Association of Labour Providers was established in 2004 and is a not-for-profit trade association that promotes responsible recruitment and good practice for companies that supply essential workers across a range of sectors,

Their mission for “UK labour provision to be recognised as a model of global good practice” is achieved through focus areas, listed on their website, including:

  1. Supply Chain Partner
  2. Access to Labour
  3. Fair Charge Rates
  4. Fair to Workers
  5. Fair Competition
  6. Responsible Recruitment

If you would like to read more about the ALP, what membership with them represents, and even how you can get involved in supporting their end goal, click here.