Every year at MCP we like to honour our team by voting winners in a range of different categories and 2021 is no different!

Here is MC Personnel’s 2021 Wrapped!

Top Team Player:

The Top Team Player award goes to Jodie this year! As voted by us, Jodie is one of the most reliable members of our team and is someone who always goes above and beyond for her coworkers, clients and candidates!





Best Newcomer:

The Best Newcomer of 2021 went to Connor! We had a variety of candidates for this award this year, but ultimately the award goes to Connor. He has made a name for himself in the company and has become more than capable in the recruitment world. Connor has been handling a number of clients on a temp desk this past year and we cannot wait to see where he will go in 2022!




Sales Revenue:

2021’s Sales Revenue award for 2021 went to Danielle! Danielle always plays a huge role in sales in MCP– she knows the business inside and out and has had a huge hand this year in ensuring the business is succeeding!





Outstanding Contribution:

Making it through another year of challenges and turmoil, MCP had the most Outstanding Contribution from Magda! She has spent the year going above and beyond to fill both her temporary and permanent bookings, and is a proven example that hard work pays off. Congrats Magda!





Employee of the Year:

The big award of the year – Employee of the Year this year goes to the one and only Danni! Danni is one of a kind and is a very special member of the MCP team. Along with receiving the Employee of the Year award this year, she is also celebrating her 5 Year Service award and we couldn’t be any prouder! Congratulations Danni, we know that next year will be even better!




5 Year Service Award:

Two members of the team are receiving their 5 Year Service award this year – Magda and Danni! Congratulations to the both of them for reaching this milestone, we are extremely lucky to have you both as part of the team and look forward to continuing to watch you both grow in your roles!





10 Year Service Award:

The big one zero. This year our Accounts Manager, Barbara is celebrating her 10 Year Service award! She has been with MC Personnel for a decade – and continues to push herself to work her hardest! We can’t wait to celebrate even more milestones with her!





20 Year Service Award:

Jodie and Jamie are in it for the long haul – this year they are celebrating their 20 Year Service awards! What a huge achievement! They have been with MC Personnel for two decades now, and continue to dedicate huge amounts of time to the business, we couldn’t be more grateful! We know that there are greater things to come for the both of them, and eagerly wait to see the progress that will come in 2022!




With 2021 coming to a close, we are looking ahead to 2022 – many more great things to come, challenges to overcome and hopefully a brighter outlook on the world! Thank you for being with us throughout all of the turmoil this year, we cannot wait to experience all of 2022 with you!