4 On 4 Off Fruit Packers – SITTINGBOURNE

Title 4 On 4 Off Fruit Packers – SITTINGBOURNE
Categories Gillingham, Industrial
Salary 8.72
Location Sittingbourne
Job Information

Working in a pack house your duties will include packing either quantities or weights of products into various packaging and boxes.

You will work on a production line as part of a team and it is important you are able to understand instructions given (Basic level of English is required)

You must be able:
– Count accurately
– Recognise different fruits (i.e. that a pear and an apple are different fruits and their names)
– Have basic literacy skills
– Be able to do simple maths (such as how many 250g boxes are required to reach 1kg order)

Work wear will be provided for you.

This is a fantastic opportunity for long term regular work! The company offers free parking, a modern canteen and clean working space.

Working hours are 4 days on / 4 days off.
Working from 8am – 8pm
Overtime hours payable at a premium rate
Transport (subsidised) can be provided from some areas.

Pay Rate: £8.72 per hour

You will be required to undertake a 3 hours site induction and training session prior to your first day working.

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