It’s one year on since the UK Government invoked article 50 of the treaty on the EU and just nine months until the UK is due to leave the EU.

The final terms of Brexit are still to be decided, however Recruiters aren’t standing still and waiting for the final agreement before we begin to address the likely impact it will have on recruitment.

One thing is for sure when we do leave the EU it will end free movement which allows EU citizens to live and work in any member state. There is much uncertainly about how the pending exit plan will effect job seekers and the organisation who employ migrant workers.

Indicators are currently pointing towards employment growth continuing strong, however the availability and supply of job seekers is not being matched, effected by a relatively abrupt slowing on the growth of EU nationals working in the UK

You will no doubt be seeing less EU talent looking for work in the UK Market. MC Personnel are already evaluating our candidate attraction and how we can attract the best possible candidates to meet demand, as after all we are in a candidate driven market!

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